Year 5 science fun!

Year 5 have recently been learning about forces through some fun and engaging practical experiments. In the first one, pairs had to work out a way of getting a marble to roll the slowest down a wooden board from the top to the bottom. They were given 7 lolly sticks, 7 multi link cubes, the […]

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Spinning round the spinney

Badgers visited the Spinney this morning.  The class called Badgers that is!  We were looking for evidence of animal life in the spinney, and found some large holes which were probably once fox holes. Underneath logs and a decaying plank, we found a variety of slugs, worms, beetles, spiders and mites.   For a few […]

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Year 5- No Pens Day Wednesday

This week the children in Year 5 enjoyed ‘No Pens Day Wednesday’. As the name suggests, no writing equipment was allowed as part of our learning! Activities undertaken included ‘The After Eight Challenge’ and ‘9 Dot puzzle’ to test our determination skills. Next, we learned a new dance to the song- ‘My Lighthouse’ to test […]

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Year 3 and Year 4 Project Blog

The big question for our project is, “What does it take to be a good scout?” We will explore, research and experience some of the things that scouts do. Also, we will identify some of the personal qualities that you need to be a good scout. Our project links closely to our school values – […]

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On to our new adventures

This term we are all, throughout the school, embracing adventure! Already we have met and worked with new teachers or new children – that is adventure enough, but we have also embarked on new learning and new challenges.  It has been a very busy start to the year and it is hard to believe that […]

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Who let the Author Out?

The Y5 and Y6 new project is called Let’s Go on an Adventure!  We are going to be learning about, and writing our own book about, our individual passions. The official project launch was on Thursday, January 11th when Maz Evans – a best-selling author – came in.  She has written “Who Let the Gods […]

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